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Our gardens are going to be more important than ever this summer.

A place for entertaining and catching up with loved ones but also a calming space for us to catch our breath as we get used to a busier way of life.

Who better to inspire us all and bring joy and pleasure into our gardens and outdoor spaces than Maria Jones, The Interior Editor who is passionate about making your home who YOU are, what YOU love and what makes YOU happy. 

Maria recently had fun styling her own outdoor space with pieces from our new summer range.

Here are her Easy Styling Tips For Your Garden Seating Areas:


A true way to bring the indoors outside is no doubt with a rug. Adding one to your seating area will instantly provide you with an indoor/outside aesthetic to your gardens. Rugs help anchor your furniture to prevent them looking lost (particularly great if you have a large garden). They also can reinforce colour and pattern if you’re wanting to create a cohesive look to your gardens. A rug will also provide that all important comfort factor that we all seek when we’re relaxing and enjoying our time with guests and family.


You just can't beat a cushion or two to your garden when it comes to outside entertaining. Aesthetically, they add additional layers of colour, pattern and textural contrast. You don't have to have specifically made cushions for the outdoors either. Shop your home for your favourites. Just remember to bring them inside at the end of the day. Throws are another way to inject colour and pattern and brighten up your garden no end. They're also perfect for you and your guests when the temperature drops and will make the evening last longer in comfort.


Lighting is all important for when the sun goes down. Battery operated lamps or candlelit lanterns are perfect for providing subtle ambient lighting to your gardens without the restrictions of electricity.


Faux Flowers are a fantastic way to introduce colour and texture into our gardens especially if you’re lacking natural flora from plants. They also help highlight and provide focus around your seating area and are a great addition to brightening up yours and your guests day. I like to add them to a handy basket which also doubles up as storage for suncreams and other essential items for spending time outdoors.


Introduce natural pops of colour with a selection of decorative planters with seasonal plants to add interest. Layer them, if you can, at varying heights around your seating for added definition and focus for you and your guests to enjoy.


You can’t beat the handy side table when it comes to spending time alfresco. They’re the perfect accompaniment to any seating you may have. Providing you somewhere for easy to reach refreshments or maybe a book or two.


And lastly, there’s no rule book as to what you can introduce to your gardens. If you have a much-loved piece of decor indoors why not venture outside with it and enjoy something that brings you joy whether indoors or outside.


We absolutely love how Maria has styled our Rosie Rose pieces in her garden. Most of the items Maria chose to feature are only available in our Rosie Rose store on East Street, Chichester.  We have a small selection of Garden furniture here on our website and also on our Etsy Shop.


For more inspiration and tips following Maria on Instagram or Facebook.

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