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Home and lifestyle influencer Becky Formstone, aka Feeding the Joy, is known for her chic interior styling and penchant for earthy tones. Below she chats to us about her top Rosie Rose picks, why she loves them and her approach to festive décor and beyond.

Storage Cages
At Christmas, I like nothing more than putting on a festive playlist, clearing the dining table and setting up a craft station. I’ve typically got a supply of odds and ends, and I’m always picking up ribbons and wrappings that I find when I’m out and about.

I like having a designated storage basket kept out at home, so I have a collection of goodies that I keep adding to, ready to use.

This set of stacking baskets is perfect for stationery and supplies, ready to carry around the house as you go. The dual layer creates a beautiful dimension and will sit neatly as a pair or separately. Such a versatile piece to use throughout the year.

Industrial Wall Unit
Feature shelves and ornament styling has become incredibly trendy. Somewhere to display trailing succulents, stacked magazines and books, ceramics and candles. Industrial style shelves complement a multitude of styles, and suit changing displays with the seasons. These particular shelves are great for the kitchen or dining room, with the glass rack feature underneath.

Royal Guard Bears
Personally, I find some nutcracker soldiers pretty scary. But this pair of handsome royal bears are my taste completely. Standing to attention with their buttons done up neatly, they make the perfect companions for guarding the fireplace, or keeping watch beside the Christmas tree for any present peekers.

Industrial Lantern
Lighting at this time of year - I find most exciting. The evenings get dark so early, and with the cold weather, lighting plays such an important role in creating a warming atmosphere at home.
Lanterns are such a Christmas favourite, and this industrial style lantern is the perfect injection of a warm winter glow. The exposed bulb sits neatly inside a swinging frame, ideal for styling on a sideboard, shelf or bookcase.

Industrial Clock
I’ve always had a bit of a rule - anything that goes on the wall needs to be a feature in itself. This is where the humble clock falls foul on so many occasions because it’s often simply functional. Which is why my eye was drawn to this amazing Industrial Clock as it creates such a feature and is truly a statement piece on its own. The rusty surface and unique design adds to its appeal, creating an industrial finish that looks like it’s been dipped in history.

Due to its height, it also becomes very helpful when struggling to style a narrow space, or a very tall wall.

Thank you Becky for your winter styling tips! To find more styling inspiration and ideas, follow Feeding the Joy here

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