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It was wonderful getting to know two Rosie Rose customers Marilyn and Kate recently. Firm friends with a shared sense of fun, fitness and fashion, Kate and Marilyn discovered Rosie Rose during lockdown.  Since then, they have been popping in regularly to shop with us and were only too happy to be part of our Summer styled shoot to help introduce more lovely locals to the delights of our Rosie Rose fashion and homewares.

After the photoshoot we asked both Marilyn and Kate a few questions about the day and also got the lowdown on how they like to stay active and their favourite haunts when out shopping in Chichester.

How long have you been friends?

Marilyn - We have been friends for 7 years when I first arrived in the area from Berkshire.

How did you enjoy being a Rosie Rose model for the day?

Kate - The people on the shoot were so friendly and they soon made me feel very relaxed during the whole day. The garden we were in was beautiful with so many lovely colours from the flowers and the Rosie Rose tableware. The Rosie Rose inspired salad created and freshly prepared for us by Dom Hoile was simply divine and I would make it myself for summer lunches. The raw vegan cake made by Feed Me Momma was also delicious. It was the first time I’ve tried it and I will definitely be trying it again.

Why do you love shopping at Rosie Rose and what have been your most recent buys?

Marilyn - I love shopping in Rosie Rose because they have such a variety of original clothes and homewares to choose from. The staff are always very friendly and helpful. I have bought a couple of pairs of lovely linen trousers and two interchangeable tops, and a lovely summer dress for garden parties.

Kate - Shopping in Rosie Rose is such fun because of the variety of items to choose from.  I have a special love for linen. I have 3 items that I have bought recently at Rosie Rose.  I love the trousers and a lovely top which I wore on the shoot, I also bought a beautiful white linen dress that I wear over white trousers.

What do you do to stay active?

Marilyn - I belong to a fitness club, usually I use the pool, gym and yoga classes four days a week. I also enjoy going on lovely walks with friends usually followed by lovely lunch.

Kate - I enjoy going to Pilates, and Yoga classes, gardening and walking locally.

Where would you go for lunch after a shopping trip together at Rosie Rose?

Marilyn - After visiting Rosie Rose, a visit to The Barn Little London just opposite is a must for coffee and cake, for lunch I usually visit Wildwood for their delicious Goats Cheese Salad. If I am out for a meal it has to be Purchases for that extra special touch.

Kate - My favourite coffee  shop is The Barn, I also love going to the Cathedral Garden for my lunch and Cote for dinner as they have such a varied menu.

Thank you Marilyn and Kate for being such wonderful and loyal Rosie Rose customers We hope you have a wonderful summer and keep popping in to see us.

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